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The WCR Center for the Arts will hold its 2nd Annual BeardFEST Competition!

November 15, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

All proceeds will go towards the historic WCR Center for the Arts

 It's a “Best Of” Contests, the following categories are:

  • Full Beard 1"-6": Full Beard 6"- and up. Full beards will be measured from the bottom of the lip to the lowest part of the beard

  • Novembeard: Shave on November first and submit your picture in order to race to see who grows the best hair on their face.

  • Full Beard Freestyle: Hair spray, gel, glue... Use what you can to create a facial hair masterpiece. 

  • Natural Mustache: (no styling aids) Whether you've got that old west look, or a Tom Selleck... Keep it natural and fresh for this category.

  • Styled Mustache: Break out the wax and your finest attire. This is the category for all you classy mustachioed men.

  • Partial Beard: Got some killer chops? Maybe Pantera's Dimebag Darrell influenced you to grow a goatee to your chest... We've got the category for you. 

  • Women's Fake Realistic: Ladies, we've found a way for you to do something with that wig you don't wear anymore. Build yourself any of the categories above and strut your stuff alongside these gentlemen in your very own category.

  • Women's Fake Creative: And this is where it gets funky. Anything goes here ladies. Have a favorite movie? Turn it into a beard. A favorite pastime or hobby? Turn it into a beard. Maybe you like cats? Please don't use the real thing... Ladies, feel free to enter both categories.


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