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Today is Giving Tuesday!

Thank you to our community for your support over these past twenty months as we navigated uncharted waters. In the past year, we have continually reinvented ourselves and our programming to embrace the new “normal” for performing arts organizations – and you have been with us every step of the way. From virtual events to socially distanced engagements to, finally, a return to live performances, the Board of Directors of the WCR Center for the Arts never lost sight of the mission, which is to promote the arts, serve the community, and preserve our grand historic building for future generations.

We are optimistic as we look ahead to 2022. We are embarking on a strategic planning process with support from the Berks County Community Foundation that will provide us with a road map to an even more successful future. We are finalizing a spring concert that will showcase Simon Shaheen, a Palestinian-American oud and violin player. And we will be conducting a capital campaign endeavor that will ensure that ALL of our audience members will have access to our building and programs with an installation of a wheel-chair accessible lift.

This November 30th is international “Giving Tuesday” Day. Please consider making a gift to the WCR Center for the Arts in support of one of three key areas: general operating, program development, and our lift installation accessibility project. Your gift as we end 2021 will go far to ensure that the WCR continues to provide access to the arts and a key piece of Reading’s history.

Take a look back at some of our programming from 2021!

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