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WCR Accessibility Project

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

For over 150 years, 140 North Fifth Street has been a vital member of the Reading community.  The focal point of the mission of the WCR Center for the Arts is the preservation of what was the City’s original post office, now community performing arts center. 

We have been the principal venue for concerts of the Friends of Chamber Music of Reading for over half a century.  And over the past few years, have grown our vision to include participating Berks County’s acclaimed music event, JazzFest, as well as being home-base to Barrio Allegra. 

With our increased programming and performance opportunities, maintaining the building’s historical integrity while upgrading public accessibility has become an organizational priority. 

Due to the building’s historical layout, the WCR is not currently ADA compliant.  It is our intent to improve accessibility for all members of our community so that they may enjoy music, and other events, in our beautiful concert hall. 

We are in the early stages of planning for this major renovation of our building and will be releasing information later this year as to how you can be a part of the new, accessible WCR Center for the Arts.

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