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WCR Center Presents: Emerging Artist Series ft Renato Sanabria

The WCR Center for the Arts is thrilled to release the first concert in our Emerging Artist Series. This series will highlight local emerging artists and aims to share their work with a wider audience. The Reading Musical Foundation will be partnering with us to promote the concerts.

We are fortunate to be able to kick off this series with Renato Sanabria, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter. Renato grew up in a Brazilian/Colombian household where he was exposed to music from South America. He has a love for and has been influenced by many different genres of American music.

Renato got his start as an instrumentalist in his elementary school’s Wednesday piano program. He credits Josh Taylor, teacher and musician from the Olivet Boys and Girls Club music program, and Paul Javier, musician from the groups Vuja De, and Kim and Paul as impactful mentors who have (greatly) shaped who he is as a musician today.

Renato is currently working on his first EP. When asked to describe the genre that best fits his music he says:

"I would best describe my sound and genre as a form of Alternative RnB/Soul or a form of Neo-Soul with elements of hip/hop and other genres. I typically do not like to categorize myself because I don’t always know what sounds I may use to express myself. Everything happens in the moment with me and I’m thankful that I am able to express these moments and life through music."

The WCR Center for the Arts is thankful to Renato for sharing his music with us and to his friend Shafeeq Khan for skillfully capturing those magic moments on film.

Please click the YouTube Link below to see Renato Sanabria's performance at the WCR Center!

Support Renato Sanabria by giving a virtual tip!$RenatoSanabria

Check out Renato Sanabria on Instagram @renatosanabria_

Check out Shafeeq Khan on Instagram @shafeeq_kn

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